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Angel’s Eyes | Engelsaugen

Cookies are made of love ❤️ Today we present you another delicious Christmas cookie recipe. ✨ Angel's Eyes✨ These tasty little christmas cookies are filled with jam and have a fine, buttery texture. 😋🫶🏻 For 40 - 50 pieces you need: Ingredients: 300g flour 100g sugar 100g ground hazelnuts 200g vegan butter Your favourite jam for filling. We used rosehip jam. 🧡😊 Preparation: First, cut the cold butter into small cubes. Then mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl and gr

Vanilla Crescent | Vanillekipferl

Life is short - eat the Christmas Cookies 🌙♥️ The smell of freshly baked cookies is always a highlight, especially at Christmas time. One of our favourite Christmas biscuits are ✨vanilla crescents.✨🎄 They taste fantastic and are also quick to prepare and bake. We got the original recipe from our grandma. ♥️ Basically, it's already vegan if you use vegan butter. That made us very happy, because taste-wise, the vanilla crescents are a 10/10. 🎉🥳 For approx. 40 - 50 vanilla c

Strawberry Tart l Erdbeer Tarte

Strawberry Fields Forever. 🍓🫶🏻 Strawberries are simply part of summer! ☀️❤️ We already have a few recipes with the sweet summer berry on our blog - however, we want to keep you this delicious tart in any case. 🍓 It is super quick to prepare and tastes really fruity. Perfect for the cozy “Sunday-afternoon-coffee-and-cake” with the family. ❤️✨ For a 28 ⌀ baking dish you need: Ingredients: For the shortcrust pastry: - 200g flour - 135g cold margarine - 50g ground almonds - 5

Strawberry-Rhubarb Rolls l Erdbeer- Rhabarber-Schnecken

Summer - Sun - Strawberry-Rhubarb Rolls. 🍓☀️ Today we have for you the pearfect sweet vegan summer snack. 🥰 Ingredients: For the yeast dough: - 500g flour - 1pck./cube yeast - 75g sugar - 200ml lukewarm oat milk - 1 pinch of salt - 80g liquid margarine For the filling: - 200g strawberries - 2-3 stalks of rhubarb - 1 pck. vanilla pudding - 2 pck. vanilla sugar Preparation: Put all the ingredients for the yeast dough in a high bowl, knead for 10 minutes and leave covered for

Lemon Cake l Zitronenkuchen

When life gives you lemons, bake a lemon cake. 🍋 Today is international lemon cake day and to help you bake a lemon cake today, we have a super easy and quick recipe for you! ❤️ Ingredients: - Zest of one organic lemon - 250ml oat milk - 125ml sunflower oil -175g sugar - 2 tablespoons chickpea flour - 275g flour - 1 pck. baking powder Preparation: First, mix the oil, sugar and oat milk. Then grate the zest of one organic lemon and add it to the dough. Then add the chickpea f

Apple Roses I Apfelröschen 🍎🌹

Appley ever after 💗🍎 Today we have for you small roses that are not only to bite, but also taste very good. For this you need only 3 ingredients and you're ready to go. P.S. These small roses are also very good as a gift for Valentine's Day 🎀. Ingredients: - 1 puff pastry - 2 - 3 apples - sth. cinnamon and sugar Preparation: Wash and peel apples. Then slice into fine strips with a slicer. Mix the apple slices with cinnamon sugar and let stand for min. 30 minutes. Preheat t

Onion Tart l Zwiebelkuchen ohne Boden

Onions never mean to make you cry 🥰🧅 Today we have another recipe from our vegan autumn kitchen for you - onion tart. Super easy - super fast and without a bottom. 🍁😍 Pour yourself a glass of Federweisser (white wine) and enjoy this succulent onion tart with it. 🍷🥧 Ingredients: - 600g onions - 1 clove of garlic - 200g smoked tofu - 130g flour - 300g Vega cream - salt, bell pepper, paprika, parsley Preparation: Preheat oven also 200 grad celsius convection oven. First y

Yeastbraid l Fruchtiger Hefekuchen

Light and fluffy ... tasty ... Yeastbraid Yeast plait times differently. Today we have refined for you the classic yeast plait something 😁 and added cherries 🙌🏻. Ingredients: - 500g flour - 1 cube fresh yeast - 60g sugar - 250ml lukewarm oat milk - 2pck. vanilla sugar - 2 tablespoons apple pulp - 60g soft margarine - some grated lemon peel - 1 jar of sour cherries 🍒 - 200g flaked almonds Preparation: Put the flour in a bowl and make a well in the center with your fist. Ad

Puff pastry Pumpkin Corners I Blätterteig Kürbis Ecken

Autumn leaves and pumpkins please 🍁🎃 Today we have a super quick and easy fall recipe for you. Pumpkin Corners!😍 You only need a handful of ingredients and the cozy evening can begin. See for yourself 🙌🏻 Ingredients: - 1 puff pastry - 125g vegan shepherd's cheese - 1/4 pumpkin - 1/2 onion - 100ml soy milk - salt, pepper, garlic, chives Preparation: Preheat the oven to 200 degrees top/bottom heat. First, cut the onion and the carrot into thin strips. In the next step, you

Fudgy Plum Muffins I Karamellige Pflaumenmuffins

Just plum wonderfull ✨🌈 You like brownies, but sometimes you miss something fruity? - Then we have just the thing for you today. Fudgy plum muffins with toffee flavor. 🥰🧁 Ingredients: - 130g margarine - 100g brown sugar - 1 pck. vanilla sugar - 100ml oat milk - 225g flour - 1 tsp baking powder - 1 pinch cinnamon - 300g plums - 1 handful of cocoa nibs, flaked almonds, walnuts Preparation: Preheat the oven to 170 degrees convection. Wash and pit the plums. Then mix margarine

Plum Cheesecake Tartlets I Pflaumen Käsekuchen Törtchen

Say cheese.....cake 😊🍰 Do you know that when you still feel like something small sweet after dinner or coffee? 😋 We have just the thing for you! These little tartlets are super quick to make and satisfy any desire for a small sweet cake dessert. Since you enjoy our Cheesecake Tartlets cold, they are also ideal in warm temperatures. 🍇❤️🔥 Ingredients (for 8 cupcakes): - 1 puff pastry - 500g plums - 400g Alpro Skyr - 2 pck. vanilla sugar - 1 handful of cocoa nibs - 1 handfu

Zucchini Cake I Zucchinikuchen

Why cake or vegetables when you can have both ❤️🔥 Today everything revolves around the summer vegetable badly: The zucchini! Influenced by JANAKLAR's grandma we have today a really good zucchini cake recipe for you. 👵🏻👍 Combined in a cake makes it an absolute all-rounder. For the recipe you do not even need a scale, but can do everything with a cup. This also has the advantage that you have to rinse less 😜. See for yourself.✨ Ingredients: - 1 cup sugar - 2 cups flour - 1

Rhubarb Cake I Rhabarberkuchen

Let’s bake a cake - make it bloom 🌸 We ring in the end of the rhubarb season with this super juicy rhubarb pie. This is not only visually an absolute eye-catcher, but will also blow grandma and grandpa out of their socks at the next coffee and cake together. 😂😋 For this you will need the following Ingredients: Shortbread: 200g flour 135g cold margarine 50g ground almonds 50g sugar 1 pinch salt Topping: 4 stalks of rhubarb 500ml soy milk 1 sachet vanilla pudding 2 tbsp. sug

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Hallo Zusammen!

Wir sind Carolin, Eva und Lena und als Pearfect Trio möchten wir Euch zeigen, wie einfach und unkompliziert es sein kann, sich vegan zu ernähren. Wir sind Schwestern und auf einem kleinen Bauernhof aufgewachsen, weswegen wir schon immer sehr tierlieb und naturverbunden sind.
Wir wissen selbst, wie umständlich man sich das Leben als Veganer/in vorstellt und möchten Euch nun Tipps & Tricks und vor allem Rezepte vorstellen, die Euch vom Gegenteil überzeugen. 

Wir hoffen Euch gefallen unsere Beiträge und folgt uns doch gerne auch auf Instagram @pearfect.trio, um noch mehr private Einblicke zu bekommen.

Viel Spaß beim Entdecken und Ausprobieren!


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